Here we are located
Jägartorpet is located along E22 on the border between Scania and Blekinge. Address: Jagartorpet, Kristianstadsvagen 781, 295 39 BROMOLLA. Telefon:  +46 708 229600


3 km to seabeach (Valje badplats), 2 km lakebeach (Ivosjon), 2 km Bromolla city, 5 km to the city of Solvesborg, 25 km to the city of Kristianstad, 2 km Skräbeån ("Skrabe river" has northern Europe´s best sport fishing for whitefish), 20 km Mörrumsån (Morrum river Salmon paradise)


The nature around Ivosjon is one of our country´s most beautyful areas. Tosteberga angar, one of Sweden´s richest areas for different species for birds a.o. Sea-eagle. Hiking on Ryssberget in northern Europe´s largest beech forest. The biggest ceramic sculpture in the world on the square in Bromolla. Trolle Ljungby castle with it´s horn and pipe.