Jägartorpet recreation                                    


Within 10-30 min. there are 6 golf courses.
It´s normal to be able to play all the year around on the Solvesborg
and Kristianstad courses. Normal season starts around the 1st of April.

  • Solvesborgs golf club (18 holes)
  • Karlshamns golf club (36 holes)
  • Olofstroms golf club (18 holes)
  • Kristianstads golf club (36 holes)
  • Skepparslov golf club (18 holes)
  • Araslov golf club (36 holes)


  • Lake beach: Ivosjon och Levrasjon
  • Sea beach: Valje, Tredenborg, Sandviken, Hallevik, Ahus a.o.


  • Valje nature reserve
  • Listerlandets nature reserve
  • Ryssbergets beech forest
  • Ivo island
  • Humleslingan (Marked car trip attractions)
  • Skaneleden (Hiking trail)


Blekinge och Skania are  eldorados for  sportfishing we have:

  • Salmonfishing in Morrum river
  • Coastfishing for seatrout
  • Trolling for atlantic salmon
  • Pike fishing in both sea and lakes
  • Stocked lakefishing
  • Whitefish in Skrabe creek